The hidden secret of the Andes: the apparition, new release

Libro Bolsillo

We hope that this is the first step for the public to fervently request the translation of the rest of the volumes in the series, since in each one of them folklore, history and legends are intertwined to form a picture of notable relevance with the enormous plasticity that Pilarica has managed to place in it, with an environment that almost fills the reader and the aroma of high mountains, besides misty landscapes, in the midst of rich and wild nature.

Already in her first book we tell about that natural life experience that Pilarica knows how to transmit so well, and that seems to have become so fashionable today but that, nevertheless, few authors know how to place in a rural environment, certainly humble, but with great values, where goodness the defense of history and the family take on very weighty and attractive roles.

All this shines through in cultures that collide head-on, as they are antagonistic, with the rush, immediacy and materiality of today's society, for which reason "El secreto de los Andes" (or "The hidden secret of the Andes: the apparition", which we are analyzing today) turns out to be a breath of fresh air that unleashes and moves us and, in certain aspects, makes us shake off our stagnant thoughts and our preconceived ideas implanted by a model that clashes with values much more deeply rooted in our ecological and elemental heritage. Certainly one has to leave behind certain prejudices, and open up to a world of magic and fantasy. A world that, now, readers from many other continents and countries will also be able to enjoy, thanks to this new edition in English.

Libro Bolsillo

The hidden secret of the Andes: the apparition
- Author: Pilarica
- Publisher/Seal/Collection: EBL Books
- Edition date: 2023
- Pages (printed): 206
- Electronic book: Amazon (ebook) | Amazon (paper)

Official synopsis:
Centuries after the destruction of Pacha Rurac, a flourishing town in the Peruvian highlands, Helébora is born. As a direct descendant of the Curaka of Pacha Rurac, the girl´s destiny is determined: "Liberate the Andes from the forces of evil," which she will do under the ancestral protection of the "Chancay dolls."

A series of events announces the beginning of a new era, starting with the rise from the eternal slumber of twenty-five thousand souls who perished in the Pacha Rurac tragedy. Once in the world, they will use Helebora, and she will learn the most guarded secret of the Andes. To achieve their ends, Helébora will see her quiet and monotonous life turned upside down.

The Apparition will submerge readers in a world of lost civilizations, myths, legends, intertwined histories, and charming characters who will converge to delight the reader with the spirit of the Andes. The driving force underneath it all is love.

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